Who am I


I am your worst nightmare and your wildest dream all rolled into one.
I am a living miracle on two feet.
I walk the world to an untappable beat.
I am the contradiction to popular belief.
I represent the beauty of mistakes.
I am not found on Google; cos any other me would be fake.
No-one can detain me because I will break free.
No-one can give me limits cos they are meaningless to me.
I cannot be remade for I was designed by the Maker of heaven and earth.
I cannot be cloned for I was thought out way before my birth.
I dance to silent music and sing to an unknown tune.
To hatred and insensitive chatter, I am immune.
I am not perfect but perfecting is found in me.
Finally, this is who I am and lastly, this is who I’ll be.

By Rebecca Plaatjies