The Walls We build …


A nightmare woke me up this morning … it has nothing to do with what I am right about, but waking up at 03:30am kind of lead me here, penning these thoughts.

So I get ear worms a lot, usually they carry a message I need to adhere to. Its how life speaks to me in a way. Music fanatics will understand this. The song is by Phil Collins and there is a line that goes like:

“Ooh, it’s so typical, love leads to isolation
So you build that wall (build that wall)
Yes, you build that wall (build that wall)
And you make it stronger”

Then I thought shouldn’t it be “the fear of love leads to isolation” as that’s how we build up walls. Then I realise I have spend so many years isolating myself and build up tall and strong walls. Now that I am faced with breaking these wall down, I am like “ohhhh my where do we start”

One of the lessons I keep learning in this life of consciousness is that no one is going to come and heal us, fix us and make us whole, we have to do it ourselves. So that we do not shift blame and responsibility for our lives to someone else who perhaps just want to love us .. and is not equipped for ‘walls-breaking”. Not every potential partner is a construction worker who knows how to creak up brick & mortar of our hearts. We need to do our own inner work too .. and break down those walls.

Again “uhhh so typical” life experiences have caused us to build up these walls, but its time to break them down .. because the fear of love will lead to isolation.

I needed to pen this down for me, to speak to my own heart and go like “Girl  what have you done through the ages .. how thick & is this wall you have built here, you sit and marvel at it, but honey … it got to come down”



This is the song & it carry a different message for you:

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