The hysteria .. being a female startup entrepreneur ..

I have sooooo much work to do, but guess what I am doing. Nothing. Zilch. Tried quieting my mind, but nope not working. So much to do, so little time and the brand is growing well …yet a lot of imbalances too.

I have just completed a year as a startup and it was riddled with building a foundation and putting system ps in place and now things are growing steadily and my products are getting out there and my achievements or successes of my previous mentees are shooting up, giving me a pat in the back in terms of some approaches I had tried.

One of thee biggest challenges is getting rid on the employee mentality, so today I was signing up for an executive programme. I was filling up a form and had to choose a title then OMG it hit me: I DID IT …I truly own my own business!!!

Then I thought OMW, I need to go out more to represent my business, so how am I going to handle sexual innuendos that are said to be pushed at female entrepreneurs when they seek business clients, will I swear at swear or will I kick whatever guy inbetween his whatehat or will I just turn and walk away. What will be my stand? How will I ensure I remain feminine yet a strong black woman who is not apologetic about my decisions and position? Then I thought wait a minute …wait a minute..what if I don’t measure up to these titles I have given myself: Founder, Managaing Director, CEO, Snr manager ..then I went like uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mtrinity, but there is no going back now!!! No plan B here, DO or DIE and hold integrity very close to my heart and admit when I get bad days and move on!

I switched my phone off, switched my emails off and put up this image below on my facebook profile and watched Being MaryJane ..

I kind of figure this feeling maybe like PMS will fiddle away in a few hours and I go back to my go-get-your-business-girl mood!

One thing is for sure, I am not longer an employee, and the employee-mentality has got to fall!

“I am every woman its all in me”!

**opens a new back of fireballs and munches away the time till my 4pm meeting**

Written by Nomveliso kaMbanga kaNguta


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