Dear absent father .. I beg you … I plead with you .. ndiyakucenga ngentliziyo yam YONKE <3



Dear absent father ..

Do you wanna know one of the reasons the mother of your child sometimes is a crazy raging lunatic in your eyes and horrible drama queen .. its partly because it is hard to be a parent …while you have the luxury of “escape” ..she doesn’t.

We could say all sorts of things like ‘yeah she can behavior better & be the better one’ etc etc and sound all philosophical ..


Imagine how it must feel like to be woken up by a crying child from sickness you have no clue of, at the wee hours of the morning, with no car & no medical aid and fearing the death or loss of the one child that gives you sanity …while the father, you, drives around in your fancy car driving from club to club & posting images of a fun life on social media .. and guess what? the child maybe sick from a family illness that they got from your side of the family BUT you were never there to inform the mother.

Imagine a teenager who gives his mother such drama and misbehavior because this teen doesn’t know how to tell their mother they just want to know how their father looks like. All their minds want to have is just an image of how their looks like at least! They want to know if they inherited YOUR frown, if they laugh like YOU, if they walk like YOU, if the lines in their hands are similar to YOUrs and if care about their existence.

I know sometimes you think the mother of your child wants money all the time …

Well money means nothing in comparison to what she has to do everyday that you can say to your friends: I have a child!

So I plead with you and I whisper in you heart, please make contact. Even if your child pushes you away at first … please do not give up. You need your child the same way they need you too!

I speak love into your heart … no … I speak the resurrection of a strong love in your heart, one that will give you the courage to make that connection!

I wish you love!

P.s. So why do I care? … because I care about the children of this country and if we say it takes a village to raise a child, then it starts at home. You don’t have to stay with your child full-time to be a good parent. You just need to show up when and where it counts the most!

Written by Nomveliso kaMbanga kaNguta, sometimes I am a #Fatherhood whisperer ❤

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