About a Mayine old lady & my Xitsonga speaking guardian angel <3

I had a trip to Benoni this week, to speak at a school one of my Teens invited me at. My cab driver was an elderly woman in her mid 60s but feisty as ever with a golden heart. In our small talk she mentioned the coming summer and how weak this years’ winter was, but then she said something I found quite profound. She said “summer will not come until it rains, kufuneka INE imvula kuqala”

This was so profound to me because of my “Mayine” principles and also that my business is named as such too and she did not know all this.

Now this totally preached to me a message in my heart that was very timely, that sometimes RAIN is necessary before great outcomes. Then I quickly reflected on the past few months in this journey and how tough things have been and this seemed to preach that: before an awesome summer starts, rain first appears to not only water the ground in preparations for whatever has been planted in it – so it grows healthy but also rain is good at washing the air from any toxicity and also this RAIN also symbolises a transition from one season to another. So next time you hear or see me write MAYINE ..this is what I am talking about ..

So MAYINE iintsikelelo …nako konke okulungileyo ..

Then on the same day I travelled to Soshanguve koBlock G to meet up a team that runs a youth organisation team. I was not aware that Sosha was that far so I travelled a bit late which meant travelling back late to Joburg. I got off at Noord a bit dark and had to walk to Bree taxi rank. Now I have my township tricks on how to walk in the dark so I am seldom afraid although I try not to travel at night if I can. Some boy tried to sell me some foolish thing and I managed to shoosh him off though he was persistent, a few feet later a lady who spoke to me in Xitsonga tried to make conversation, I could pick up a few words & greeted back & laughed at the areas I didnt get so well and I heard her mention we were on the same taxi …I had not noticed ..she laughed and went her way and dissappeared into the night; but because she was walking slightly behind me as she spoke, I had to turn my head ..and I realised later she was also trying to tell me my bag was open …in my back pack I had my iPad and handbag and it was gaping wide open …now I do everything in my iPad and I mean EVERY thing including planning for my work.

So that day I realised my guardian angels speak all sorts of African languages …and this day I met my one who spoke Xitsonga ….had she not spoken to me I wouldn’t have noticed my bag was open ..so that boy who was selling me stuff may have had someone opening my bag .. But she, my guardian angel, was right behind me too!

So who said guardian angels speak only english ❤️❤️❤️

I am safe and well taken care of!



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