Biological clock what? … … Huh?


In my type of lifestyle .. you hear a lot of “women your age …blah blah blah” .. from why I should be in a serious relationship by now, to why I should be having kids to all sorts of stuff …

But can I just talk about my life’s purpose, the joy it brings me & how I sleep with a HUGE smile in my face each time I see a teen say “”oh now it makes sense MsVee, I hear you..” and putting together programmes that make sense.

Can we, at some point,talk about the value & power in living your life’s purpose ..can we? Coz in reality I will not date for the sake of dating nor have a child for the sake of having one ..if all that happen its a bonus to the life I am currently .. but for now I am about this purpose driven life in my lifetime!

So yes do not ask me how many babies I have given birth to yet ..

..rather ask me:

How many young lives I have impacted .. now that’s a conversation that will not only bring a huge smile on my face but will open rivers of happy inspiration on what I could do next to impact the youth of my country.

Do not judge me by your lifestyle choices / standards .. I am a First Lady unique in every form

A non-conformist at the best trying to rid myself of societal traps that seek to clone us to be images of each other.

*written by Nomveliso kaMbanga kaNguta*

2 thoughts on “Biological clock what? … … Huh?

  1. Wow my Queen! What a powerful piece. Yes, why should you even be judged in the first place? One should be allowed and left to live their life on their own standards and terms. Do not ask me why am I still single, when am I getting married nor why don’t I have kids or when am I planning to have them, for you do not know my wants and needs including God’s plans for me. Live your life and let me live mine. Let me be!

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