Fare ..thee …well, David Masondo #SoulBrothersTribute


Fortunately you left behind your music with your crew to live on with precious memories.

The album in the image was released in 1988 and I was about 8/9yrs of age and there was another song released earlier that I cannot find at the moment, and I was probably 6/7 yrs of age. My parents had a domestic helper who loved isitrato in the villages. Mind you in the villages there was no electricity but she loved night life what was then called “iPotsoyi”. I remember this some times I slept in her room, now in the village the houses were all separate and one could easily sneak in and out unnoticed, unless the dogs made a noise, I went to this night life with her a couple of times.

I loved uSisi so always demanded to sleep in her room, the song “Ngihamba nawe” had just been released and it was a hot number in Potsoyis those days. This one night Sisi just couldn’t let me cramp her style so she decided to take me with her .. She put me on her back and out in the night we went to a house a bit far from home that had one of these village parties, iiPotsoyi. I found the dancing to mbaqanga music so fascinating I still remember it to this day. Its almost like ballroom type of dancing but village style. Very fascinating.

Sisi put me on the floor and went to dance and I think I fell asleep after a while as I woke up home the following day

I swore never to tell where we had gone in the night .. like in the first night I had gone to a Potsoyi when I was around 6/7 yrs to another Soul Brothers hit type of a song …

I did not tell … What? .. Miss out on another trip again? …Never

Interestingly enough I love dancing and not so shabby a dancer too ..Lol

Then another day I went to these village house parties with my own father, story for another day ..the song in that one was by Brenda Fassie 😉

Thank you for the memories!

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