I am enough

Inga 2b

To the naked eye, this statement is very vague and almost meaningless.

But when I sit and think about all the times when I felt like I wasn’t enough, it is almost as good as being told that I am perfect. I reflect on all those times when I thought I wasn’t smart enough, skinny enough, beautiful enough or even worthy of the attention of people who do not look at me as just skin and bones. I reflect on my three-year-old self who prayed to God for whiter skin because I found the colour of my skin too offensive. I reflect on all the times when I was “too loud” and ” too opinionated” in the presence of my white friends. I reflect on all the times when I hide away bits of myself from certain people because I feared that who I am might offend them. I reflect on all the times I kept my mouth shut because I was just a “pretty little thing”
But today, I come to you in full understanding that I am a queen. I am loud, opinionated and I am definitely not a “slender”. I understand now that my space is sacred and that I shouldn’t allow anyone in it who doesn’t accept me for who I am. I am a black girl who understands that I born of kings &  queens, not slaves. I understand now that what you think of me can only affect me if I allow it. I understand now that the colour of my skin is not an offense. So as I struggle to comb my hair,I understand that it is a crown that I should I should wear proudly.
As I write this, I am proud to proclaim that I am a black girl.

As I journey into womanhood, I pray that I never forget who I am, a black girl who is proud.

I pray that I never forget that I am magic. I pray that I never forget that I am enough.


written by Inga Ncetani, iNkosazana

3 thoughts on “I am enough

  1. I’m impressed. I never thought there are born frees that are proud to be black. I like the fact that you are comfortable in your own skin. Most teenagers struggle with self acceptance and self love bcoz of media and peer pressure.Today we talk about “yellow bones” etc..whereas we have Lupitas and Liras that represent the true African beauty. I guess this is a result of the colonisation of the mind.
    Self love is the greatest love of all. Identity is key. Keep up the good work. And yes yu are an African South African. Am proud of yu!

  2. Beautiful peace… that’s something I wish I had come to realise earlier on in my life. Something I got to understand way as an adult. Self love & self acceptance is everything. .. Own who u are… own yo space… The world doesn’t have time for self esteem issues

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