I wanna go back to a time when it was .. magical <3


A few years back I was working in Butterworth right in the Cbd of the small town. It was right in the buzz of things and often very busy.

I was also a youth leader at church that same time and was used to fellow youth or peers popping in to say “hi” and make small talk and leave afterwards. Then this one fresh guy started these visits but were frequent. At first I was not sure if he knows me from my church or if he was part of the interdenominational group we had formed so I could not dismiss him, also I was not sure if he is just a guy who wanted to join these teams of mine, incase he was new, because I couldn’t recognise him.

He never missed a day, he would come around to greet me and make small talk and I would happily interact with him.

Then his cousin told me something I felt was not only cute but amazing too. It turned out that before these regular visit to my workplace this guy was generally undirty and very unkempt, but it seems ever since these visit, he made an effort to clean up and look presentable before he came to greet me and they were not sure what was the motivation in this until she saw him visiting me.

Turns out big guy had a crush and needed to look the part too ….tl tl tl tl 😉

I must admit I was totally flattered that a man in-love would go to such an extent to clean himself up and look presentable and also cleaned up his lifestyle to please a woman who didn’t even have a clue that she was being wooed ..

But isn’t that the magic of love: to aspire to be a better person because love visited your heart??

I wanna go back to the basics of love …the magic and power that is so powerful it changes behavior and personally without being forced to ..


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