Through the eyes of an almost-woman, still un-scorned.


Through the pupils of a pupil, still being taught.

With internal wars raging within Africans about what it means to be thus, as an ethnic female no older than the freedom of my land, have I come to see things differently every day. As I grow, I am belittled. As I learn, I am called oblivious, and scolded because I am too aware.


I didn’t know that was possible.


Biko taught me how to be conscious via the textbooks I was fortunate enough to have, as this knowledge spilled off the lips of my teacher who was of European descent but believed in the soils of Africa more than those akin to it. Who was this white man to believe in black people? But it wasn’t his race I found surprising. It was his belief, not only in our future, but in us.

I am part of the WWW.GENERATION. Part of the era that books faces, but not the opportunities behind them. We live off virtual screens so that we don’t have to mingle with the people who complicate our reality. But that isn’t what defines us.

I, who I am, is a female in a stagnant male world where we talk about 50/50 relationships, yet those with a breast uncut and a womb still closed are “given away” at the isle, as if we were on the grand parade with a Mr Van Riebeck, who was buying vegetables, rice and slaves, all in the same day.

I am a part of a squad, with a task that hundreds of years failed to complete. Where our parents still consider white and black, private and public with the shades in between that never really had their place in the sun. We know the struggle indirectly, my generation. We are the second hand recipients of the tears that rolled down my grandmother’s face as she was beaten for resting on a white woman’s couch.

This is what creates the defiance within my era. We indulge in complacency, wearing crowns of entitlement, yet have been thrown head first into fixing a country prematurely broken. This by-product of neo-colonialism is why we are who we are.


The hand that sold the slave, the hand that painted the streets red with Hector and his adolescent associates, that is the same hand that still stamps the gang signs in Mitchell’s Plain, El Dorado Park and Galvandale, where the social engineering of our past still hasn’t had an upgrade like the fire pool filters at the house of my president.

It is harder still to accept our heritage while we kill our brothers and sisters who have themselves fled from lands and a past that smells of home-made bombs and dictatorship.

All of this lies before me, a 19 year old, who not too long ago, had to ask to go to the bathroom, but now face making life decisions. What makes this imaginable, however, is that as much as I see the problems, I see the potential. I hear the downfall, but I feel the redemption even more so, through the power invested in me by the democracy I choose to fight for, and all those in my generation who choose to fight for theirs.

We are the laziest, angriest, most arrogant, intelligent, talented, innovative generation to walk this earth yet, and this is why we will save it.

Its either you love ambitious women or you don’t!



Been trying to find the right angle to write this note .. its just hard. So let me just pour all my emotions on to this -_-

I find it highly annoying that in 2015 there are still men who feel the need to control seemingly ambitious and self driven women. Highly annoying because often their biggest challenge is that they feel they need to control this type of woman, a form of reeling her in so that she is controlled and acts like how a woman should act.

I totally dislike the way relationships are framed these days: where each partner seeks ways to control the other partner as much as they can and that is called love. From women giving out so called visas to men telling their women which hairstyle she should have; to deeper things where partner controls how the other grows financially in a relationship in order to curb one being intimidated by the other to some controlling each others career paths etc etc ..

I have been told so many things by so called men who love me, who often hold a “but..” Where most feel I would need to tone down a bit or this or that I would need a man who would know how to control me so that I am not too much or do too much. Whatever that means!

I knew my life’s purpose / mission at a very young age. I knew that my purpose is linked to me leaving this world a better place. That my existence means that I have a role to play in the world that would ensure that a baton gets passed from this generation to the next. So I knew that my purpose has to be priority, otherwise whats the point of being born, is it only to party n eat and die? Absolutely not!

So my ambition is NOT to compete with a man, nor am I living to intimidate men. I just understand that I only have this one lifetime to live out the purpose I was brought on earth for. I just refuse to settle for a man who will come into my life and cause me to forgo my life’s mission. Often when you don’t conform to society’s norm, you get pushed to write letters like this.

Also for me to fulfill my life’s purpose I have to be ME. I have to push against odds, I have to challenge myself, I have to evaluate the things society teaches us and I have to ask the Creator if that script is one I have to follow. My life’s purposes forces me to live my life in such a way that I cannot be a copycat of anyone. Otherwise I will not able to finish my life’s mission if I do so.

Often a lot of men seek to control women like me, they see us as a wild project that needs to be tamed. A woman that needs to a man so she tones down and start behaving like any other normal woman. Often these men do not love women like me but love the idea of being with a woman like me, as long as he can later control her and tame her. Often its the jealousy to want to own her, so that we belong to nobody else but him.

The error is that by design love in its purest form is not so restrictive. We have learned this wrong type of love that we keep teaching each other that we have grown to believe that love is to own and cage in, until one dances to the others tunes.

But ….

The way that purpose driven life is designed is in that one will be miserable and highly unhappy if they do not live out their purpose. So miserable will they be that they will make everyone around them miserable too. Because purpose driven life requires freedom and love in its purest form, for it to flourish.

The sad thing is this some of this unhappiness people have in their relationships has been defined to be the character of love and the character of true relationship. No one seems to question purpose of being and purpose of coming together ..

When all the kisses are done, all the sex is had and all the promises said ..why should we be in a relationship together? If its to control and cage me .. please pass I am not the woman for you!

And I will not be miserable because I went through this lifetime with no man by my side, but equally if I do get a partner .. it will be a bonus to partner with an equally purpose driven man, who understand his talents and that he needs to hone them, live his best life in this lifetime and not feel the need to gain his confidence feel purposeful by controlling the woman in his life!

It’s either you truly love an ambitious woman or you dont.

At the heart of every ambitious woman is a heart that want to give love and get love back in return. No gimmicks nor competition! Life made us this hard, the best you can do is us exchange life stories without one feeling like “my story is better than your”

The end! Venting done!

I have lived with my own company and I love(d) it!



Life is but a MAZE!

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” – Marianne Williamson

These words while highly lyrical and awe-inspiring, are beyond true of our purpose as humans.

When was the last time you did something YOU wanted to do? When was the last time you noticed the simple beauty of a blade of grass? Or even just how precious your life is? How important it is to be true to you?

Life is a series of choices we make that either take us closer to our dreams and goals, closer to our destiny – or, further away from it. Most of us have lost sight of our life purposes because of past our failures or our belief that our dreams are simply to impossible to achieve. Those thoughts of denial are a product of tmazehe influences you’ve had in your life. Sadly those influences, if you’ve been through some form of schooling, has probably been mostly negative. I mean when was the last time a teacher told you that it was okay to fail a test? At some point I am sure that people have told you that you aren’t good enough. That the mark on your test is all you’ll ever amount to in life.


While we can’t change our past influences, we can stop them from boxing us in the maze of life. The universe works on Newton’s 3rd Law – that every action has an equal and opposite reaction – you may call it Karma, what goes around comes around, it’s all the same principle.

I’ve just finished my June examinations, and honestly, they’ve not been my best. However, I decided that I can either #drake (be sad/bleak) about it, or I can accept that I may have made some choices which weren’t wise (i.e. not studying for physics and mathematics) but that I have another chance. Adversity is a breeding ground for opportunity.

As with navigating a labyrinth, it is inevitable that you will hit a dead end every now and then and you’re going to want to give up, but I challenge you to keep going. Jump a bit higher, find a hammer and knock down the wall, try another route, claw through it if you must – but, never give up.

The sun always shines, even in the dark. You, like the sun, are also a star. You may not always shine the brightest and maybe there are clouds blocking your rays from reaching the people around you, but it’s your duty to shine brighter.

One moment which changed my life was when I realized that the glass is in fact always full. Traditionally, we are asked to make the choice on whether or not the glass is half empty or half full when in fact it is always full.

It can be full of juice, your favourite brand of alcohol, or even just water – you decide; or it can be filled with nothing. Even when it is half full, the rest is filled with nothing (and nothing by definition is something – it is an interesting concept for another post). The point is, you are the only one who decides what your cup is filled with and how full it is.

The solution to most of life’s challenges is to make choices. Whether you’re top of your class or the person constantly in detention, whether you’re the social butterfly or the ultimate snob – you are insanely awesome simply because you exist, you survived the birthing process, you can survive anything.

Please: don’t give up hope that it can’t get better, don’t let what you’ve been told about yourself by others become your truth, don’t stop thinking differently, don’t let who you are now determine who you’ll be 10 years from now, don’t give up on your dreams, don’t give up on life, and most importantly – don’t give up on yourself.

For those of us on holiday, fill it with happiness; for those who continue to work, or have life to contend with, do all things for happiness and with passion.

Make life aMAZEing. =D

Written by Kerwin Jacobs, Grade 12, East London based for now 🙂


Progress … In true Citizenship

If you had to ask me what I think of my South Africa, I would say that it is “perfect”.

A lot of people might say, that not much has changed over the past few years, but in my humble opinion, I believe that we have.

Let’s start with our recent milestone. Reaching 20 years of democracy is no small feat. When I look back and hear the stories of the struggle, it sounded hopeless. As if the idea of change was unbelievable. And yet change came. When South Africa became a democratic country, everyone was given the opportunity to vote and since then a lot has changed in South Africa. Yet, few believe that we have made progress and still, we complain. What then, I ask you, is progress if it is not what we have witnessed over the past few years?

Rewind back 20 years ago and my classroom would’ve been full of white girls. Now, I am able to communicate with all races without the fear of being convicted. Is that not progress?

Back in the day, my parents didn’t really have the freedom to dream bigger than a comfortable job and the hope that they would be happy. Now I am able to dream of greater things; goals that my parents wished they could try to reach and that now I am able to reach. Is that not progress?

You see, the face of this country is not the ANC or the man in charge, Jacob Zuma. It is you and I. We are the offspring of many years of toil and blood. It is the beautiful sunset that cascades down Table Mountain and rises the next day to remind us that we have another day. And it is the buzz of the city and the people that move through it.

Lately all I hear is that this country is not up to standard and more popularly said, “Our government is hopeless.” Well, what if I told you that the government is just a sounding board of its nation and that we have a responsibility towards it too.

What then is progress, if ever since democracy started, many more people have access to sanitation, homes with electricity and more children have access to education.

“Yes,” you tell me, “But not all of South Africa does…” Now this is the part that I don’t understand. We say we want change, but we don’t acknowledge it when it is here. How will this country ever be enlightened when we choose to darken the light that has already shone?

I ask you what then is progress?

Progress is the white man, the black man and the coloured man working together in the same office.

Progress is the schools that were built in the less advantaged areas and that now have skilled teachers.

Progress is drop in the crime statistics even though crime is still prevalent.

Progress is the gangster who is now a pastor and helping others to change their ways.

Progress is the increase in the country’s matric pass rate.

Progress is the fact that South Africa is now one of the world’s most visited tourist destinations.

Progress is the reason that I am able to be at the school that I am at today.

So today, I tell you that I am proudly South African and that I love my home country. And if you had to ask me now, what I think of my South Africa?

I would say that yes, we are not perfect but what is perfection is if it doesn’t have its unique flaws to set it apart from others?

Written by Rebecca Plaatjies, 17yrs, Grade 11. Cape Town


Fare ..thee …well, David Masondo #SoulBrothersTribute


Fortunately you left behind your music with your crew to live on with precious memories.

The album in the image was released in 1988 and I was about 8/9yrs of age and there was another song released earlier that I cannot find at the moment, and I was probably 6/7 yrs of age. My parents had a domestic helper who loved isitrato in the villages. Mind you in the villages there was no electricity but she loved night life what was then called “iPotsoyi”. I remember this some times I slept in her room, now in the village the houses were all separate and one could easily sneak in and out unnoticed, unless the dogs made a noise, I went to this night life with her a couple of times.

I loved uSisi so always demanded to sleep in her room, the song “Ngihamba nawe” had just been released and it was a hot number in Potsoyis those days. This one night Sisi just couldn’t let me cramp her style so she decided to take me with her .. She put me on her back and out in the night we went to a house a bit far from home that had one of these village parties, iiPotsoyi. I found the dancing to mbaqanga music so fascinating I still remember it to this day. Its almost like ballroom type of dancing but village style. Very fascinating.

Sisi put me on the floor and went to dance and I think I fell asleep after a while as I woke up home the following day

I swore never to tell where we had gone in the night .. like in the first night I had gone to a Potsoyi when I was around 6/7 yrs to another Soul Brothers hit type of a song …

I did not tell … What? .. Miss out on another trip again? …Never

Interestingly enough I love dancing and not so shabby a dancer too ..Lol

Then another day I went to these village house parties with my own father, story for another day ..the song in that one was by Brenda Fassie 😉

Thank you for the memories!

I am enough

Inga 2b

To the naked eye, this statement is very vague and almost meaningless.

But when I sit and think about all the times when I felt like I wasn’t enough, it is almost as good as being told that I am perfect. I reflect on all those times when I thought I wasn’t smart enough, skinny enough, beautiful enough or even worthy of the attention of people who do not look at me as just skin and bones. I reflect on my three-year-old self who prayed to God for whiter skin because I found the colour of my skin too offensive. I reflect on all the times when I was “too loud” and ” too opinionated” in the presence of my white friends. I reflect on all the times when I hide away bits of myself from certain people because I feared that who I am might offend them. I reflect on all the times I kept my mouth shut because I was just a “pretty little thing”
But today, I come to you in full understanding that I am a queen. I am loud, opinionated and I am definitely not a “slender”. I understand now that my space is sacred and that I shouldn’t allow anyone in it who doesn’t accept me for who I am. I am a black girl who understands that I born of kings &  queens, not slaves. I understand now that what you think of me can only affect me if I allow it. I understand now that the colour of my skin is not an offense. So as I struggle to comb my hair,I understand that it is a crown that I should I should wear proudly.
As I write this, I am proud to proclaim that I am a black girl.

As I journey into womanhood, I pray that I never forget who I am, a black girl who is proud.

I pray that I never forget that I am magic. I pray that I never forget that I am enough.


written by Inga Ncetani, iNkosazana

I wanna go back to a time when it was .. magical <3


A few years back I was working in Butterworth right in the Cbd of the small town. It was right in the buzz of things and often very busy.

I was also a youth leader at church that same time and was used to fellow youth or peers popping in to say “hi” and make small talk and leave afterwards. Then this one fresh guy started these visits but were frequent. At first I was not sure if he knows me from my church or if he was part of the interdenominational group we had formed so I could not dismiss him, also I was not sure if he is just a guy who wanted to join these teams of mine, incase he was new, because I couldn’t recognise him.

He never missed a day, he would come around to greet me and make small talk and I would happily interact with him.

Then his cousin told me something I felt was not only cute but amazing too. It turned out that before these regular visit to my workplace this guy was generally undirty and very unkempt, but it seems ever since these visit, he made an effort to clean up and look presentable before he came to greet me and they were not sure what was the motivation in this until she saw him visiting me.

Turns out big guy had a crush and needed to look the part too ….tl tl tl tl 😉

I must admit I was totally flattered that a man in-love would go to such an extent to clean himself up and look presentable and also cleaned up his lifestyle to please a woman who didn’t even have a clue that she was being wooed ..

But isn’t that the magic of love: to aspire to be a better person because love visited your heart??

I wanna go back to the basics of love …the magic and power that is so powerful it changes behavior and personally without being forced to ..


School Holiday Activities

At Home: Inside 

  1. Make an ant farm.
  2. Bake cupcakes.
  3. Make a cubby house under the table.
  4. Invite friends over to play.
  5. Make homemade pizza.
  6. Dance to music.
  7. Have a theme day. This may be butterflies, pirates, princesses, fairies, dinosaurs or a particular colour.
  8. Make an inside obstacle course with cushions, pillows, boxes, chairs and blankets.
  9. Read books
  10. Play dress ups and do a play.
  11. Make a themed play space: in a large rectangle bucket or tray create your own play scene. For example: use a smaller container (like an empty margarine container) filled with water, and in the rectangle bucket place rocks, small twigs, bark or sticks from trees for an outdoor scene.
  12. Go on a colour hunt in your house. Collect objects of a certain colour and take a picture of your finds to make a collage. Also an idea by Picklebums.
  13. Buy a note book and get the child/ren to write a school holiday diary (or draw pictures every day for young children).
  14. Reorganise the children’s room (with their help).
  15. Make fruit Kebabs.
  16. Write a letter to someone.

At Home: Outside


  1. Hang a sheet from a tree to make an outside cubby house.
  2. Fly (cut to length) crepe streamers in the wind.
  3. Eat outside.
  4. Do general gardening or plant a vegetable or herb garden.
  5. Make an outside obstacle course. .
  6. Play Backyard games.
  7. Blow bubbles. Frills in the Hills has a great recipe for homemade bubble mixture.
  8. Do an outside treasure hunt.
  9. Create an outdoor play garden. Create a small space of dirt and fill with pots, small rake, bucket, spoons, utensils and solid plastic toys like animal figurines.
  10. Make a flower head wreath.

At Home: Arty and Crafty


  1. Make fairy wings.
  2. Make a Zorro mask out of a strip of black material with two eye cut outs.
  3. Create a family artwork on a large canvas.
  4. Make recycled paper.
  5. Collect flowers and press them inside book between baking paper.
  6. Colour-in. You can print a variety of colouring in sheets online.
  7. Face painting.
  8. Make Photo Paper Dolls.
  9. Make a robot out of cardboard boxes.
  10. Make a treasure map out of brown paper.
  11. Make a musical tree. .
  12. Be crafty at home: knit, paper craft, play dough, cooking or painting.
  13. Make up a travel drawing box.
  14. Paint toe nails. (Boys like this too!)
  15. Make boats out of milk bottle lids, a straw (for the mast), paper (for the sail) and blue-tack to stick the sail on to the boat.
  16. Make a leaf collage picture.
  17. Glue cut out pictures from a magazine or junk mail to a piece of paper.
  18. Make a photo book: take photos of your favourite things and collate them into a book.
  19. Make sock puppets by gluing wool on the top of an old sock and using a permanent marker to draw eyes, nose and a mouth.
  20. Do a self-portrait. Stick a large piece of butchers to the wall (or lay on the floor) and trace around your body.
  21. Make a long paper-clip chain.

Out and About


  1. Visit a museum
  2. Go hiking with friends.
  3. Go window shopping and have a special morning tea.
  4. Go see a movie.
  5. Eat a big ice-cream.
  6. Visit a library.
  7. Fly a kite.
  8. Have a picnic outside.
  9. Visit a park or playground.
  10. Look out for butterflies and birds for a day.
  11. Go fruit picking.
  12. Plan a day trip:
  • animal farm
  • new town
  • historical village
  • market
  • environmental centre
  • hiking
  • bush walking
  • drive up a mountain
  • visit the beach
  • the country
  • theme park
  1. Visit someone lonely.
  2. Collect shells on the beach.
  3. Go ten tin bowling.
  4. Visit a planetarium.
  5. Feed ducks at a pond.
  6. Go fishing.
  7. Look for organised school holiday opportunities at art schools, museums, shopping centres, national parks, libraries and councils.
  8. Go swimming. (If Winter, look for a heated pool).
  9. Visit and share something of your own childhoodwith your child/ren. This may be a home you lived in as a child, where you honeymooned or favourite place.
  10. Look for free activities at a shopping centre.
  11. Go for a walk.
  12. Visit Dad or Mum at work.



  1. Go Bike-riding
  2. Catch a train.
  3. Go Ice-skating or roller-skating.
  4. Catch a bus.
  5. Go on a bush walk or hike.
  6. Go on a nature hunt.
  7. Make a cubbyhouse from items from a second hand shop.
  8. Catch a ferry.
  9. Allow your kids to learn a new skill. Look for workshops in horse-riding, pottery, art, rock climbing and drama.
  10. Have a quest. This may be photographing butterflies for a day, hunting for cool letterboxes, looking for street signs for the names of the people in your family or tasting 3 different types of cookies and cream ice-cream.


At Night


  1. Look at the stars.
  2. Walk on the beach at dusk
  3. Go on a nature walk down your street with a torch.
  4. Have a movie night. You can make your own popcorn cups by making a cone shape with a piece of paper and taping it together.
  5. Toast marshmallows in the oven before threading them on to sticks (parent would do this).
  6. Eat at a family restaurant.


When It’s Raining (also see At Home: Inside)


  1. Go to an indoor play centre.
  2. Play with umbrellas in the rain.
  3. Collect rain in a bucket.
  4. Play inside games like hide and seek or duck, duck goose.
  5. Photograph the raindrops on the window and include them in a photo book.
  6. Go for a drive in the car.
  7. Visit a friend’s house (or invite a friend over to play at your place).


Quiet Time


  1. Play board/card games like Monopoly, Dictionary, Pictionary, Snap, Taboo, Hungry Hippo, Scategories, The Old Maid.
  2. Watch a DVD at home.
  3. Stay in your PJs all day.
  4. Make a “city” with cars, toys and boxes for buildings.
  5. Lie on the grass and watch the clouds.
  6. Have “rest” time where everyone plays quiet games like reading or puzzles on their own bed.

School Holiday Activities  

  1. Huge water fight with friends
  2. Crash at friends houses
  3. Movie marathon nights
  4. Mow the lawns
  5. Wash a car
  6. Go swimming
  7. Have a pool party
  8. Fishing
  9. Camping with friends
  10. Plan and hold a party
  11. Read a book
  12. Change bedroom around
  13. Play Wii, Playstation, Xbox
  14. Listen to ipod
  15. Design and make a website
  16. Have an outdoor basketball free-throw contest
  17. Make smoothies
  18. Bake a cake
  19. Paint fingernails and toenails
  20. Have a fun fashion show with friends
  21. Stay a night with family
  22. Help grandparents out for a day
  23. Work part time
  24. Make a cd of your favourite songs
  25. Take the dog for a walk
  26. Apply fake nails with crazy designs
  27. Go for a surf
  28. Go for a bike ride
  29. Turn up the music and dance
  30. Play basketball with mates
  31. Hang out at the beach
  32. Play mini golf
  33. Go rollerblading
  34. Cook dinner one night
  35. Have a make over party
  36. Take a long, hot bubble bath with candles and music.
  37. Run through the sprinkler with your clothes on
  38. Wash the dog
  39. Go motorbike riding (if you have one and your allowed)
  40. Rent and watch a whole season of your favorite television series
  41. Catch up with friends at the local park or shopping centre
  42. Check out the library
  43. Spend an entire day in your pajamas
  44. Plant a veggie garden
  45. Make a movie with a camcorder
  46. Get a facial
  47. Spend a whole day playing board games with friends
  48. Make up a treasure hunt for friends
  49. Make something that is on the back of a cereal box
  50. Learn a new exercise or go to a Zumba or Yoga class
  51. Make up a scavenger hunt for you and a few friends
  52. Go hiking
  53. Make popcorn the old-fashioned way
  54. Learn how to knit
  55. Make a friendship bracelet
  56. Buy a magazine at the store and read the whole thing
  57. Have a pj party
  58. Bake some cupcakes and make fancy icing
  59. Try not to complain for a whole day (this is really difficult – try it)
  60. Try to make a house of cards
  61. Offer to go grocery shopping for the week
  62. Dress up in random clothes(grandmothers dress and go for a walk, get friends to join in to)
  63. Apply a fake tan
  64. Hold a contest for best dressed with friends
  65. Plant some strawberries
  66. Learn how to some car maintenance, change tyres etc
  67. Do homework that needs to be done before the new year
  68. Blow bubbles and experiment with bubble mixture
  69. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  70. Do some stand up comedy in front of family/friends
  71. Cook breakfast in bed for your parents
  72. Clean the house
  73. Have a barbecue with friends
  74. Do a teen bake with friends, everyone brings ingredients to make something, and cook away together
  75. Babysit
  76. Take some photographs
  77. Turn old photo’s into a movie/slide and show them one night
  78. Play a game of tennis
  79. Write to a pen friend
  80. Go to the local museum
  81. Check out the local council, they may offer free activities to do
  82. Sit down and do a jigsaw puzzle
  83. Learn how to do the laundry
  84. Re-paint your bedroom
  85. Build a dog-house
  86. Take a computer course
  87. Learn how to cook a Chinese dish
  88. Start learning another language
  89. Start your own blog
  90. Attend a driver training course (if you have your learners!)
  91. Spend a few days on a property and learn how to do some farm work
  92. Start writing a business plan for your dream business when you grow up
  93. Understand what your Parents do all day and appreciate their hard work
  94. Write a book review and submit it online
  95. Go through Mum’s pantry and enter all the competitions on the back of packs
  96. Arrange your books/cd’s/dvd’s in a special order
  97. Make your own sausages from scratch
  98. Design your signature dish
  99. Explore the local landmarks
  100. Research your favourite actor/sports star!prettyPhoto