A thank you note to my father …

I hope this gets to you because I am not coming home this weekend but am hoping one of my villager friends will read this for you … I will ask uNozuko 🙂

I just want the world to know how much you mean to me, us – me and my siblings, and how grateful we are that you call us your children.

The past 15years have all been rough and tough for all of us, after your mental breakdown. How does such a big confident strong tree fall, as your branches all life left us. Our leaves got scattered all around as we tried to make sense of the life we now had to live while witnessing the different episodes the mental illness took you through. We got scattered around the world trying to fill the gap of you awesome presence and provision. Like ships without a sailor, we got swept away in many tumulus winds and storms of life. Nothing made sense without your constant shiny smile, love, encouragement and all the great plans you had for us.

When you lost your strength, we lost it with you.
When you lost your job, we lost it with you.
When you lost the home you bought for us, we lost it with you
When you lost your smile & awesome laughter, we lost it with you

But you remained our father and we loved you still …

Like a warrior we watch you fight this illness, everyday, when you win you would cover us with words of love confidence, motivation and direction.You did not give up.

In your toughest days you remained our beloved father because when we took our first steps as toddlers you were there. When we did not know wrong from right you beat the wrong out of us and left the right spirit & attitude we now display. That time when some silly kids laughed at me because my legs were not straight, you wiped my snotty face and told me how beautiful I am because I looked like you. You were there, you shaped my confidence, you shaped our identity. A man who was proud to raise independent thinkers not afraid of standing their ground in a crazy world.

You made me a beacon of confidence and you taught me this awesome love for humanity ad the work I now do. I am as beautiful as your smile 🙂

I salute you, we salute you, because even when we left you alone trying to make sense of it all, you kept fighting through the illness and you kept loving us still.

This note is to say Enkosi Nguta omhle Sithole secuba Mafu for being such a great warrior and awesome father. Yes the past years have been very rough but I do want you to know that we are all pushing through and that life has finally remembered us and things are changing for good …because you also did not stop fighting. I hear you are teaching again. Blessed are those students to have you in front of them, because your best & GREATEST work was raising me and my siblings.

I will come home soon .. I will bring your fav cigarettes .. I cannot wait to tell you about my new quest and hear all the village stories and your work.

Enkosi Tata, sikuthanda ngothando olo gqitha iinkwenkwezi ❤

Written by Nomveliso kaMbanga kaNguta


3 thoughts on “A thank you note to my father …

  1. No words can be said more than the ones you have just written.Your father,ubhuti kum,is one of the greatest thinkers this family has ever had.Enkosi Manguta.Lenza kanjalo iqobokazana

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