While I bid your soul, mate, goodbye!


“Though I’ve been to paradise but I’ve never been to me…Please lady, please lady, don’t just walk away,Cos I have this need to tell you why I’m all alone today” lyrics from a song by Randy Crawford

I let you have him .. because I thought you needed him more than I did

Because I could not face up to the reality that I loved him too so I let you have him because I knew how important it would be for him to be present in that life ..

But now I am feeling very selfish, like you don’t love him the way that I would have, like you don’t realise how precious my heart find him and how much you are taking him for granted when my soul is wounded by his absence. So I am sitting here looking for the love police so we could file a complaint for this atrocity.

Though we don’t talk but his heart speaks to mine and the soul realm and yearns for me escape

But I gave him to him I hoped you would love him and cherish him

But now my soul cries on his behalf, yearns for the missing piece that he gave away

In the still of the night, in the land of dreams and unspoken words, my soul searches his life’s paths and finds him still looking back over his shoulders..

What a pity he equally chose the path & life he now has

And because of that my soul has no choice but bid him goodbye

You see soul may speak unto soul, but men dutifully chooses their path ❤

But he is my soul’s mate..

No more!

P.S. Take care of my soul, love him till he forgets & till his own soul bids him peace!

Witten by Nomveliso kaMbanga kaNguta

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