Of courage, conscious living and Rain: MAYINE <3

I am sitting here smiling from ear to ear. I went through an old music folder and randomly added songs to a playlist, as I was working songs changing and The Temptations bellowed through with “A song For You” .. And ohh my childhood just walked right into the room and my mind! Instantly my mind, my body (smile) travelled out in time, to a period where The Temptations were a constant afternoon rendition. A childhood full of love, home cooked meals by a man we call Skhumbuzo, my awesome father. Also a childhood full or both good and bad drama. Isn’t that what life is?! Lol … Isn’t amazing the power music carries, it knitts together memories, an aroma of an afternoon and hidden memories of experiences that growing up might have caused one to forget.

Kanti, its all hidden in a song.

Which brings me back to the topic of being the conscious thats living. Being aware of a time thats past, and a time thats present. Sometimes its needed to travel back in time, to the person that we were, our dreams, aspirations, experiences and thoughts that were upheld then and see how life is right now. Ask yourself questions:

Have I grown emotionally, spiritually as well or did I just grow physically.

What were my dreams then, what are my dreams now?

Have I progressed or have I digressed.

Whats important parts of my character do I need to rekindle or what do I need to get rid of (e.g anger, bitterness, un-forgiveness)

Who am I, am I happy with the person that I have become?

Who was I back then when I was a child, before society shaped me to a person that conforms to the norm. What can I now do differently ..

Its never too late

As I end this note another song by. The Temptations springs out “Sunshine blue skies please go away …oh how I wish it would rain” …see sometimes we run away from visiting our past’s memories because of painful situations that may lie there, but then sometimes these memories maybe the ones holding back our progress, so I wish you rain ..torrents of rain tears to wash your soul so that you can have the courage to visit your past just one more time.

Let it rain .. MAYINE!

By Nomveliso kaMbanga kaNguta


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