The power of tears …

The greatest transitions in my life were often accompanied by tears … In fact they were the transport or vessel that crossed me over to the other side of my transition, in different stages of my life. Now I am a hectic soul searcher, answers searcher type of a person and I need this “vehicle” to help manage. (More on this on another day)

Tears do not only reside in our eyes, but are a valve in our souls that needs to be unclogged now and then. Often when clogged up or un-cried-out we fall into depths of depression which manifest in feelings of numbness and not being “present”. Living an absent life while walking and talking to those around us, but dead inside. Being the walking dead is more painful, as one no longer hears the sounds of music, nor see the lovely shining sun nor appreciate the dawn of a new day. To the walking dead, all of the days seem the same: cloudy, ashy, grey and full melancholy.

What crying does is just to unclog the system and open up the spiritual eyes to see better & to finally see solutions in seemingly hard situations. Same way when we wash bits and pieces of food down the drain and never bother to check it or clean it up; the bits of food pack itself up and clogs up the system. Our emotional wellbeing is just as import, when we do not take time to review how the hardships of life affect us, how past hurts have dented our souls and how much our emotional system may be under serious threats or melt down or depression. This is how mental illnesses show up, from the soul to the spiritual to the physical manifestations of a system we never bothered to unclogg. Having conversations without own-selves is important ..

This is part if the journey to conscious living …

To be continued …

In the meantime unclog the system … Flush the dirty tid-bits out of your soul .. cleanse your soul … Cry it out! ❤ ❤

By Nomveliso kaMbanga kaNguta ❤


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