Bravery .. Courage … Personal mastery

I am an advocate for personal bravery, the notion that before we can stand before people to make a stand against something, we should first fight wars and win with our own selves first. The notion also that says: there will not be any saviour or superman / superwoman who will come through to save me from my situations but that I need to find enough courage within to be my own hero.

Now recently I have realised that there are a number of societal situations that require bravery which I have mentioned in my Facebook posts before, but I will try repeat a few for the sake of this note:

1. The courage to speak against a wrong done against you.

2. The courage to say NO to a partner that ill treats you and your kids, at the expense of losing material comforts.

3. The courage to quit a job that no longer fulfills you and leaves you feeling drained, depressed and physically ill everyday; and start a new journey either in a new job or …

4. The courage to start a business and create a legacy and not give up when the going gets tough.

I realised today that these above are almost the tangible manifestations of life, things we can pin point, see and interact with in our mind. That now there are also the unseen that we need to fight with equal gusto and courage in order to live not only a conscious (fully aware, awake and living in the present) life. These would the the feelings or emotions that may seek to lock us in a state of flux and unchanging mode.

So yes we need:

1. The courage to allow ourself to face the feeling of being ‘foolish’ in trying new things so that we can unburden ourself from the desire to be perfect.

2. The courage to step out of our comfort zones, meet new people and learn new ways of being based on interacting with others human nature. Sometimes we embrace solitude too long that we get too comfortable with our newly found self-awareness that we enjoy our own company too much that we may not know how to welcome others into our ‘space’.

3. The courage to keep trying amidst disappointment when one way we have tried doesn’t work the first time around. To now allow disappointment to envelope us too much that we end up embrace the fear of trying again.

See, life requires courage. Each day I learn that courage manifests itself in different forms and ways. All courage does each day is to say to each one of us: allow me to show you, who you really are.

Once courage has finished its work in us, daily, we are then brave enough to look at the ills in our society and be able to say: No, not in my lifetime, this too must change!

I wish you courage ❤

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