Playing Smart <3

I was not going to write today then I had an “oh jah” moment 🙂

Numeracy and literacy levels are said to be on an all time low in South Africa according to last years’ ANA results. So parents my recommendation is use all resources around you to support your child, especially Technology.

For an example, we all have smartphones right or laptops or iPads / tablets. If you do not have one may I kindly encourage you to please save up and get one. Then download:

1. Word games, puzzles
2. Problem solving themed games
3. Numbers games, your Sudoku plus any addition, subtraction etc games as per the level of your child.
4. Creativity enhancing games

Then allow your child to use your gadget for a certain time, as also too much of something is not good and also they still need physical exercise and yes what they eat too matters in terms of brain stimulation.

All the best 🙂 ❤

I am a Teencoach / YouthCoach and LOVE what I do ❤


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