To Teenagers: Academic excellence swagg ;)

One of the ills of our education system is that most (not all) students do not know how to work independently. Often you guysgo to class, you are taught by a teacher, then you are given home work and for most of you it ends there. You only pick up proper studying a few weeks before exams where you often cram just to pass. Often you Teens fight with your teachers and your parents as you assume that you are doing everyone else a favour by studying .. not realising that infact you are shaping your OWN future.

High School is about YOU and not your parents or teachers, as much as we can blame a lot of outcomes to certain contributing factors but at the end of the day YOU must also play your part with the time and energy your are given. You must manage your time when you get home, create your own study pattern, master your homework deliverables and most importantly instill in your own self a sense of academic excellence based on who you want to be one day.

Some of the attributes of learning taken from #WorldWideLearn:
1. Self-directed
2. Inquisitive/Curious
3. Self-aware/Honest with self
4. Risk-taking/not afraid of making mistakes
5. Open-minded

One of the mistakes some of you awesome Teens make is to relax in Grade 8, 9 & 10 and then you wake up at the end of Grade 11 with the realisation that you need awesome grades to win that bursary. Sometimes its difficult to catchup although possible but more work needs to go into planning.

Do yourself a huge favour, realise that academic excellence is also your responsibility as much as your teachers have a role to play too. Maximum your time and do not undermine your intelligence by getting average grades as you might end believing that you are an average achiever, when infact you never paid much attention to your time and building good study habits.

*I am a Teencoach and passionate about seeing teenagers live out their full potential while still in High School. Don’t undermine your potential.

You can have swagg, good grades and still be good in sports ❤
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Nomveliso Viola Mbanga,

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