Of courage, conscious living and Rain: MAYINE <3

I am sitting here smiling from ear to ear. I went through an old music folder and randomly added songs to a playlist, as I was working songs changing and The Temptations bellowed through with “A song For You” .. And ohh my childhood just walked right into the room and my mind! Instantly my mind, my body (smile) travelled out in time, to a period where The Temptations were a constant afternoon rendition. A childhood full of love, home cooked meals by a man we call Skhumbuzo, my awesome father. Also a childhood full or both good and bad drama. Isn’t that what life is?! Lol … Isn’t amazing the power music carries, it knitts together memories, an aroma of an afternoon and hidden memories of experiences that growing up might have caused one to forget.

Kanti, its all hidden in a song.

Which brings me back to the topic of being the conscious thats living. Being aware of a time thats past, and a time thats present. Sometimes its needed to travel back in time, to the person that we were, our dreams, aspirations, experiences and thoughts that were upheld then and see how life is right now. Ask yourself questions:

Have I grown emotionally, spiritually as well or did I just grow physically.

What were my dreams then, what are my dreams now?

Have I progressed or have I digressed.

Whats important parts of my character do I need to rekindle or what do I need to get rid of (e.g anger, bitterness, un-forgiveness)

Who am I, am I happy with the person that I have become?

Who was I back then when I was a child, before society shaped me to a person that conforms to the norm. What can I now do differently ..

Its never too late

As I end this note another song by. The Temptations springs out “Sunshine blue skies please go away …oh how I wish it would rain” …see sometimes we run away from visiting our past’s memories because of painful situations that may lie there, but then sometimes these memories maybe the ones holding back our progress, so I wish you rain ..torrents of rain tears to wash your soul so that you can have the courage to visit your past just one more time.

Let it rain .. MAYINE!

By Nomveliso kaMbanga kaNguta


The power of tears …

The greatest transitions in my life were often accompanied by tears … In fact they were the transport or vessel that crossed me over to the other side of my transition, in different stages of my life. Now I am a hectic soul searcher, answers searcher type of a person and I need this “vehicle” to help manage. (More on this on another day)

Tears do not only reside in our eyes, but are a valve in our souls that needs to be unclogged now and then. Often when clogged up or un-cried-out we fall into depths of depression which manifest in feelings of numbness and not being “present”. Living an absent life while walking and talking to those around us, but dead inside. Being the walking dead is more painful, as one no longer hears the sounds of music, nor see the lovely shining sun nor appreciate the dawn of a new day. To the walking dead, all of the days seem the same: cloudy, ashy, grey and full melancholy.

What crying does is just to unclog the system and open up the spiritual eyes to see better & to finally see solutions in seemingly hard situations. Same way when we wash bits and pieces of food down the drain and never bother to check it or clean it up; the bits of food pack itself up and clogs up the system. Our emotional wellbeing is just as import, when we do not take time to review how the hardships of life affect us, how past hurts have dented our souls and how much our emotional system may be under serious threats or melt down or depression. This is how mental illnesses show up, from the soul to the spiritual to the physical manifestations of a system we never bothered to unclogg. Having conversations without own-selves is important ..

This is part if the journey to conscious living …

To be continued …

In the meantime unclog the system … Flush the dirty tid-bits out of your soul .. cleanse your soul … Cry it out! ❤ ❤

By Nomveliso kaMbanga kaNguta ❤


Bravery .. Courage … Personal mastery

I am an advocate for personal bravery, the notion that before we can stand before people to make a stand against something, we should first fight wars and win with our own selves first. The notion also that says: there will not be any saviour or superman / superwoman who will come through to save me from my situations but that I need to find enough courage within to be my own hero.

Now recently I have realised that there are a number of societal situations that require bravery which I have mentioned in my Facebook posts before, but I will try repeat a few for the sake of this note:

1. The courage to speak against a wrong done against you.

2. The courage to say NO to a partner that ill treats you and your kids, at the expense of losing material comforts.

3. The courage to quit a job that no longer fulfills you and leaves you feeling drained, depressed and physically ill everyday; and start a new journey either in a new job or …

4. The courage to start a business and create a legacy and not give up when the going gets tough.

I realised today that these above are almost the tangible manifestations of life, things we can pin point, see and interact with in our mind. That now there are also the unseen that we need to fight with equal gusto and courage in order to live not only a conscious (fully aware, awake and living in the present) life. These would the the feelings or emotions that may seek to lock us in a state of flux and unchanging mode.

So yes we need:

1. The courage to allow ourself to face the feeling of being ‘foolish’ in trying new things so that we can unburden ourself from the desire to be perfect.

2. The courage to step out of our comfort zones, meet new people and learn new ways of being based on interacting with others human nature. Sometimes we embrace solitude too long that we get too comfortable with our newly found self-awareness that we enjoy our own company too much that we may not know how to welcome others into our ‘space’.

3. The courage to keep trying amidst disappointment when one way we have tried doesn’t work the first time around. To now allow disappointment to envelope us too much that we end up embrace the fear of trying again.

See, life requires courage. Each day I learn that courage manifests itself in different forms and ways. All courage does each day is to say to each one of us: allow me to show you, who you really are.

Once courage has finished its work in us, daily, we are then brave enough to look at the ills in our society and be able to say: No, not in my lifetime, this too must change!

I wish you courage ❤

Playing Smart <3

I was not going to write today then I had an “oh jah” moment 🙂

Numeracy and literacy levels are said to be on an all time low in South Africa according to last years’ ANA results. So parents my recommendation is use all resources around you to support your child, especially Technology.

For an example, we all have smartphones right or laptops or iPads / tablets. If you do not have one may I kindly encourage you to please save up and get one. Then download:

1. Word games, puzzles
2. Problem solving themed games
3. Numbers games, your Sudoku plus any addition, subtraction etc games as per the level of your child.
4. Creativity enhancing games

Then allow your child to use your gadget for a certain time, as also too much of something is not good and also they still need physical exercise and yes what they eat too matters in terms of brain stimulation.

All the best 🙂 ❤

I am a Teencoach / YouthCoach and LOVE what I do ❤


To Teenagers: Academic excellence swagg ;)

One of the ills of our education system is that most (not all) students do not know how to work independently. Often you guysgo to class, you are taught by a teacher, then you are given home work and for most of you it ends there. You only pick up proper studying a few weeks before exams where you often cram just to pass. Often you Teens fight with your teachers and your parents as you assume that you are doing everyone else a favour by studying .. not realising that infact you are shaping your OWN future.

High School is about YOU and not your parents or teachers, as much as we can blame a lot of outcomes to certain contributing factors but at the end of the day YOU must also play your part with the time and energy your are given. You must manage your time when you get home, create your own study pattern, master your homework deliverables and most importantly instill in your own self a sense of academic excellence based on who you want to be one day.

Some of the attributes of learning taken from #WorldWideLearn:
1. Self-directed
2. Inquisitive/Curious
3. Self-aware/Honest with self
4. Risk-taking/not afraid of making mistakes
5. Open-minded

One of the mistakes some of you awesome Teens make is to relax in Grade 8, 9 & 10 and then you wake up at the end of Grade 11 with the realisation that you need awesome grades to win that bursary. Sometimes its difficult to catchup although possible but more work needs to go into planning.

Do yourself a huge favour, realise that academic excellence is also your responsibility as much as your teachers have a role to play too. Maximum your time and do not undermine your intelligence by getting average grades as you might end believing that you are an average achiever, when infact you never paid much attention to your time and building good study habits.

*I am a Teencoach and passionate about seeing teenagers live out their full potential while still in High School. Don’t undermine your potential.

You can have swagg, good grades and still be good in sports ❤
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