You’ve got to be the bravest person that you know….!

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I figure at some point in your life you have to be thee strongest bravest person that you know, where there is no reliance on somebody else to be bigger or stronger or to be your hero. In a world where the entitlement syndrome seems to grip us like a rope around our necks, where we here corruption notes being hummed in every corner we go to, where to be unique is frowned upon because ‘how dare you to think you can be different than ‘us’.

In these instances, it’s where I am calling you to be the bravest, strongest young person you have ever known, where superheroes are not fictional characters but attainable entities whose souls beckons for yours to join suit.

To be brave enough to stand against the poverty / lack that has gripped your family for so long,

To be brave enough to stand against the pressure of joining a crowd that leads to nowhere

To be brave enough to understand the purpose of your life & pursue it whole heartedly

To be brave enough to say no to mediocrity ..

To be brave enough to not be afraid to map out your own path

To dare to try

Dare to push through against the odds

To dare to fail because in perceived failure you will learn your lessons ..

To dare to try … to start.. to dream .. to believe .. to be brave ..

This will solely be attained by understanding who you are, your character, and your aspirations. What do you believe in with all your heart? What would you like to see change in your community and if you had all the resources in the world, you would work on that? What innovation would you like to see in our country?

In the past weeks I watched a short story about a young person who started his own restaurant after working as a waiter for some time and is now attaining success in his field of choice. I applauded his bravery; I applauded his vision and not despising small beginnings. We have become accustomed to building up excuses as to why we cannot start that business, star t that course, leave that man/woman, leave for that overseas trip because deep down in our heart you believe you are not good enough, that you are not brave enough and you build in your heart a wall of fear .. a fear to fail and also a fear  of success ..

I dare you be the bravest person you have ever known.. and it started with the choices you will make today …

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