Uganda Calling .. ..

So I arrived in Uganda about two days ago, the weather is awesome and wonderfully hot and warm, a far crat to the cold weather I left behind in Cape Town.

The incredible part of about this trip is that I almost didn’t make through. A customs person in OR Tambo told me that my temp passport passed where to ‘few’ or there wasn’t space so there was high chance that I would be accepted in Uganda because there wouldn’t a space to stamp my trip. He advised me to not go through and as my heart was sinking into the pit of my stomach, I thought of all the arrangements I had made and all the hussles I had gone through to make this work, but then he said if you go through it will be at your own risk. That’s all I needed to hear. I am used to risk but more than risk I am used to faith, believing against all odds that possibilities also do exist even if reality says otherwise. So I checked my faith quota, knew that I will take this risk. So he stamped my passport and I went through. I then quickly sopoke to God or netter yet pleased and request that he assembles all my angels around.. I was going in J


I got to the other side, landed in Uganda presented my passport and voila..  nothing happened they verified my VISA and all was done. I thanked God and breathed in a huge sigh while smiling like the biggest fish in the pond.

Anyway I got to Uganda, lovely weather and lovely atmosphere, friendly and seemingly familiar faces.  Africa after all is home.  A friend of mine had requested one of her friends to take me along to their church, so that was also a lovely experience and also so familiar in terms of the songs. So far it’s been an incredible 3 days and the conference I am attending start tomorrow and I am looking forward to all the delegates and topics that will be discussed.

Hello Uganda!

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