Trip to Uganda – Preps like a First Lady

A couple of years back I went to a youth conference in Botswana and tried to work the networking scene and met a lot of interesting people. It was a conference that brought together a lot of young people from different African countries.

Its there that I met a lady who is a Director at Makerere University’s business school, quiet in nature so much I wasn’t sure if we will keep contact again. Lo and behold a couple of months back she emailed me with details of an International Leadership Conference that she will be hosting in Uganda. I was invited to hand in an abstract and those accepted would be part of the presenters at the conference.

After handing in everything and got chosen to attend and be one of the presenters, I am looking forward to my first trip to Uganda.

I chose to call myself First Lady a couple of years back and now ….I am looking forward to my address in an area I am very passionate about: youth development, empowering young women to lead.

Now I just need to know what to wear …

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