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I am a Youth Alchemist .. ..my name is Nomveliso Viola Mbanga ❤

Yes yes I dig for gold, I believe with my WHOLE heart that every young person is a precious gem that’s waiting to be discovered .. so I have made it my life’s mission to dig the gold out of these precious ones!

“If you’re an alchemist, then you try to change common metals into gold…” #DictionaryVersion …  Yes Sir!! ❤

And of course as an avid reader and great lover of Paulo Coelho’s books .. the journey to being gold first starts with the alchemist before helping others, so I bring with me my life’s journey, lessons and experience to help the young person shine a mirror to areas that need transformation!

I have worked in the youth development sector for the past +26yrs.  I am passionate about youth work and my focus is on building a strong personal identity that’s not only self-aware but propelled by Ubuntu to be socially aware and be contributors to a country we can all be proud of.

I am going to use this blog to share a lot of my personal thoughts in the youth space, my life in general as well as random thoughts about things that are improtant to me and the world around me.



“I’m gold baby ..” *sings OUT LOUD*  …. ❤  #AlchemistVibes


Destiny Magazine 2013

Lead SA 2013

Ukhozi FM 2015

SABC 1 Sunday Youth Show 2015


Allan Gray Orbis Foundation

Independent Schools Association of SA

Johannesburg Library – High School sessions

Schools I have visited to give talks or attended their career expos or that I have students at

Clarendon Girls High School, East London

Selborne Boys College, East London

Oprah Winfrey Leadership Girls Academy, Johannesburg

Education Alive, Johannesburg

Willowmoore High School, Benoni

Fick High School, Johannesburg

My business Name and Logo ❤

Mayine Development Institute (Pty) Ltd

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Contact Details

Nomveliso Viola Mbanga

Founder & Managing Director

Mayine Development Institute

Based in Johannesburg, Gauteng

Email: nomveliso@teencoaching.biz

Tel: 0739071271

Skype Id: viola.nomveliso.mbanga

Twitter: @1stLadyVNN

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